[section style=”alter”][column large=”4″ first=”true”][panel title=”Opening Hours” size=”sm” icon=”clock-o” icon_inverse=”false” class=”text-center”]Monday [label style=”danger”]Closed[/label][break]Tuesday – Thursday [label]12:00 – 22:00[/label][break]Friday – Sunday [label]12:00 – 23:00[/label][/panel][/column][column large=”4″][panel title=”BYOW” size=”sm” icon=”glass” icon_inverse=”false” class=”text-center”]We love when you have quality time at ours. We offer Bring Your Own Wine. Don’t be shy bring over your fav bottle.[/panel][/column][column large=”4″ last=”true”][panel title=”Need assistance?” size=”sm” icon=”life-ring” icon_inverse=”false” class=”text-center”]If you are having problems with reservation or have some additional question, give us a call [label style=”success”]+1 555 444 555[/label][/panel][/column][/section]

[section style=”image” dark=”true” image=”39″ overlay=”true” class=”bg-fixed”][column large=”5″ first=”true”][title level=”h3″]By phone[/title]

We take reservations for lunch and dinner. To make a reservation, please call us at (027) 8338 145 between 10am-6pm, Monday to Friday.

We do not book the bar area – we leave this for walk-in guests to ensure that we always offer some tables for those who have not booked.

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